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How SIP can help achieve your goals

It’s very easy to dream, and you can also make fulfilling your dreams easy by investing in Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). An SIP investment can help you save from as little as Rs.500 each month, and it can help you to accumulate a sizeable amount over time to reach your goals.

A good strategy is to identify different types of mutual funds and choose the right mutual fund investment for each financial goal. This way, you can aim for better capital protection and growth based on the time to reach your goal. With proper planning, an SIP can help you beat the effect of inflation on your investments and grow your money effectively over the long term.

Life Goals

SIP Calculator

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  • 10%
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To aim to achieve your financial goal, you need to invest a monthly SIP amount of


Benefits of Investing in SIP

Power of saving

Power of saving

The power of saving underlines the essence of making money work if only invested at an early age. The longer one delays in investing, the greater the financial burden to meet desired goals. Saving a small sum of money regularly at an early age makes money work with significant impact on wealth accumulation explained through the illustration below.

Mr. A will need to invest 31,058 per month to match the early starter!

* - Assumed rate of Return

For illustration purposes only. The monthly investment done on the 1st day of every month has been considered. Returns are calculated on a XIRR basis.

Rupee Cost Averaging

Rupee Cost Averaging

Timing the market is a difficult task. Rupee cost averaging is an automatic market-timing mechanism that eliminates the need to time one's investments. Here, one need not worry about where share prices or interest are headed as investment of a regular sum is done at regular intervals; with fewer units being bought in a declining market and more units in a rising market.

Although SIP does not guarantee profit, it can go a long way in minimizing the effects of investing in volatile markets.



SIP can be easily registered with your financial advisor or through online portal for the fund you choose.

You can have the complete flexibility to decide the interval, amount of SIP and the date for auto debit.

Disciplined Investing

Disciplined Investing

It's the key to investing success. Regular investment makes you disciplined in your savings and also leads to wealth accumulation. Systematic investing is a time-tested discipline that makes it easy to invest automatically.

Investing regularly in small amounts can often lead to better results than investing in a lump sum.

Helps you through Market volatility

Market voltatility

Historically, investors who have persisted through all market conditions have always emerged winners over the long term.

Gives you a Long-term advantage

Long - term advantage

The longer you stay invested, the more time your money earns from compounding for increased growth potential on your investment.


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