Debt funds: What to expect in November

Debt market witnessed volatility in October. The 10-year G-sec yield moved from 6.15% to 6.38%. The upward movement was a result of numerous global and local factors including US Fed’s decision on bond buying programme, rise in crude and commodity prices and RBI’s decision to halt Government Securities Acquisition Program (G-SAP) programme.



Markets are exhibiting a bipolar behaviour: Vihang Naik

Markets are exhibiting a bipolar nature - pockets of good value are seen even today after this huge market rally in PSUs, autos, pharma, construction and cement - on the other extreme are IPOs that have no earnings and seek to justify valuations based on decadal future earnings - which nevertheless attract huge flows. L&T MF's Balanced Advantage Fund currently runs a 34% net equity exposure. From Feb 2020 to now.



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