Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission and Vision

Vision: We aspire for an inclusive social transformation of the rural communities we serve by nurturing and creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for them.


Mission:  To reach marginalized farmers in the rural communities that we serve and work towards rejuvenating their eco-systems especially conserving and harvesting water thereby developing sustainable agricultural practices and healthy financial habits.

Responding to the need to create a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem, our key CSR initiatives are woven around Sustainable Livelihoods of Rural communitiesfacilitated by two spaces of intervention – Integrated Water Resource Management and Financial Inclusion.


We align our social responsibility theme and commitment with the United Nation’s global development agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) particularly ‘No Poverty’(SDG1) and ‘Partnership for the goals’ (SDG 17).

Lives Touched in FY 17
CSR Policy
L&T Financial Services - Integrated Water Resource Mgmt Programme
22 Sep 2017