Way To Plan Your Tax Saving Investment

Plan your tax saving investment now

With financial year-end approaching, now is the time to make some tax-smart moves for FY2021-22. Most of us defer our tax saving investments till the last few months of the financial year, for example, in case of salaried employees- till we receive a reminder from the HR department (usually in the month of January) for submission of proofs of tax saving instruments. We don't view tax planning as part of our financial plan; consequently, we end up investing casually without aligning tax saving investments to our financial goals. In the process, we invest in instruments which might not help create wealth in the long-term.


Investments in tax saving instruments should command the same well-researched and careful approach that other investments do. After all, it is your hard earned money. The best time to start thinking about tax planning is now. Starting early gives you ample time to draw up a financial plan, research about the best tax saving investments and allocate resources between them in alignment with your financial goals.


Importance of starting/planning early

  • You can make better choices and right investment decisions.
  • You could save tax more efficiently and capitalize on investment returns.
  • You avoid the last minute paper work and mistakes.
  • You can eliminate the circumstance where you could end up not having enough money to spare for a lump sum investment at one go.

    By composing the right mix of investments for your portfolio, you can pay less tax and ensure that you are receiving optimal returns. The Section 80C offers a broad range of options, each suited to a different need. Choose an option that fits into your overall financial plan. An Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) provides investors tax benefits combined with long-term wealth creation through equity exposure and comes with the shortest lock-in among all tax-saving instruments.


    Investing in an ELSS through a Systematic investment plan (SIP) will not only be easier on the pocket, but will also, provide the benefit of rupee cost averaging and help take advantage of the power of compounding. This strategy is prudent as it decreases the risk of abrupt market declines which deplete your portfolio. SIPs lead to continuous investing regardless of fluctuating price levels in the market.


    Next step


    Start a monthly SIP in an ELSS fund to get triple benefits - tax savings, systematic investing and an opportunity to harness the potential upside of investing in the equity market.


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