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  • 5 easy steps to get started

    One of the biggest drawbacks today is the lack of awareness. We often follow what is blindly told to us, either by our parents, friends or financial advisor. 
  • Understanding asset allocation

    People investing in mutual funds or other financial instruments these days, often come across a term called Asset Allocation thrown at them, time and again, without necessarily understanding the true essence of the term.
  • Benefits of SIP top-up

    Benefits of SIP
    Investing in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an effective wealth building tool by contributing a fixed amount every month. 
  • Importance of nomination

    Importance of nomination
    Every time you fill up a form for an investment, whether it’s a Fixed Deposit or Insurance, Shares or a Mutual Fund or even if you’re opening a new bank account, there will be a separate section that will ask you to mention a ‘Nominee’.  
  • Investing in your child’s future

    Investing in your child’s future
    The arrival of a child brings a lot of happiness and responsibilities at the same time. In fact, as soon as a child is born, parents start worrying about the future. 
  • 5 simple steps to retirement planning

    5 simple steps to retirement planning
    The younger the generation, the faster they aim to retire from the everyday life of a salaried employee and enjoy the luxuries of a retired man.  
  • Decoding Indian debt market

    Decoding Indian debt market
    The Indian debt market, one of the largest in Asia, is developing rapidly buoyed by a multitude of factors including new instruments, increased liquidity, deregulation of interest rates and improved settlement systems. 
  • Give your money the equity boost

    Give your money the equity boost
    With each passing year, the commodity prices will keep rising, subsequently raising the cost of living. If your household expenses are Rs 50,000 per month right now, 10 years down the line, just to maintain a similar lifestyle, you will need about Rs 90,000.
  • Investing through MF during market volatility

    Investing through MF during market volatility
    “Stock market is a place to get rich slowly” – someone has very well said. This statement very well captures the nature of stock markets. It is possible to get rich through investing in stocks. However, expecting that to happen in short periods, is unrealistic. 
  • Why investing is necessary?

    Why investing is necessary?
    Investment is to your money what working out is to your body – both ensure fitness, discipline and endurance in the long term. Investment basically means setting aside a sum of money for devoting into a financial instrument, so that after certain period of time, the money will earn you an interest and grow.
  • Importance of a Financial Advisor

    Importance of a Financial Advisor
    Let’s look at the role of a financial advisor like the role of a fitness coach. We all understand the importance of being fit and healthy, but we often fall out of our regime due to lack of discipline, paucity of time and unawareness of what to do next. This is where the role of a coach comes in. A coach’s role is to ensure you tirelessly work towards your goal. He keeps an eye on your workout regime, regulates your diet and carefully monitors your progress.
  • Determining risk profile of an investor

    Determining risk profile of an investor
    Before you consider investing in any financial instrument, you must know how much risk you’re ready to take. Investing in the financial market carries some inherent risk – which can be classified under systematic and unsystematic risk.