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As per RBI’s circular, lending institutions were permitted to grant a moratorium for six months on payment of all instalments falling due between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020. The interest continued to accrue on the outstanding amount of the term loan availed during this moratorium period. Post the moratorium period, which is September 1, 2020 onwards, regular instalment cycle of all loans will begin.

The presentation of EMI dues will be done to your registered bank account as per your cycle due date from September 2020 onwards.

Yes, your credit history/score will be negatively impacted if EMI and/or other dues are not cleared post the moratorium period.

During Moratorium (Period from 1st Mar 2020 – 31st Aug 2020)

  ·  DPD status (days past-due) as on 29th Feb 2020 remains the same

Post Moratorium (Post 31st Aug 2020)

  ·  DPD status (days past-due) will change basis non-payment of dues

  ·  i.e. If the customer is under moratorium up until 31st Aug 2020 and if the EMI due for September is not paid, then the customer will be moved to the relevant DPD bucket

If you wish to make the payment, you can do so by clicking on the below payment link –

The direct link to access the Quick Pay service on our LTFS website for payments.


For further clarification please call our Customer Service number 9158004777

To check the status of your account and the revised repayment schedule, you may

Email us at customerservice@ltfs.com


Call us at 9158004777

Yes, cheque bounce charges/overdue charges will be applied on the customer’s account who has defaulted on payments post the moratorium period. Deferred payments will attract penalty as per the loan agreement of the customer.

If you have availed moratorium, interest have accrued on the outstanding loan amount, for the period when moratorium was taken.

If you have not availed moratorium, there will be no additional interest charges on the outstanding loan amount.

The prepayment /foreclosure terms & conditions of your loan remains the same. Customers can pay the total outstanding balance against their loan and close the loan account.

The impact on EMI/Tenor will depend on the option chosen at the time of availing the moratorium facility.

The same can be checked by

Emailing us at customerservice@ltfs.com


Calling us at 9158004777

No additional documents are required for disabling the moratorium facility. Post the moratorium period, which is September 1, 2020 onwards, regular instalment cycle of all loans will begin.