Is It Worth Buying A Two-Wheeler In December?

Nov 22, 2022

4 min. Read

Is It Worth Buying A Two-Wheeler In December?Two-Wheeler Loan

Two-Wheeler Loans:

Helping you buy the vehicle of your choice, at the right time.

If the thought of buying a two-wheeler has crossed your mind recently, you are not alone. Owning a vehicle has become essential for almost everyone, especially considering the increasing traffic on roads and need of a cost-effective mode of travel. Whether it is a convenience of the daily commute, trip to a nearby mall or department store for getting your essentials or simply traveling in the city, two-wheelers are a practical option for most people in India. The factors such as uncertainty of public transport, increasing traffic adding to the commute time from home to office and lack of night time service by public transport make two wheelers seem like the most feasible option. Buying a two-wheeler is a reasonably big expenditure and it is advisable to buy one that assures you years of service. This is where two-wheeler loans can help you buy a vehicle of your choice.

Here are 4 advantages and benefits of applying for a two-wheeler loan:

• You can easily apply for it online  without ever having to go to a branch. Most of the lenders just require the application form from you, and all the other activities are conducted digitally. Applying for the loan is simple, and the loan amount is disbursed rather quickly.

• You can choose between different repayment options as per your convenience. Ask the lender all the options and choose the one that best suits you.

• You can get competitive interest rates from different lenders. The loan amount is also high, allowing you to buy the two-wheeler easily, and spread the payment comfortably over the course of future.

• Minimal documentation is required when you apply for this loan. Most lenders require salary slips, proof of age and employment, bank statements, and home address when applying for the loan.

For more clarity on hassle-free and quick two-wheeler loans from LTF, you can visit Two-Wheeler Loan, Bike Loan EMI Calculator - L&T Finance (ltf.com)

This article is authored by L&T Finance.

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